10 Things You Need To Spring Clean Out Of Your Kitchen

Spring is the time of year many of us like to purge in the house and give a good deep clean.

Together we can look at 10 common things you should check to either toss, donate, sell or keep while you spring  (purge out)  clean your kitchen.

1. Condiments

I’m pretty sure a lot of you are like myself and tend to buy ingredients for recipes, use it once or twice then let it sit in the fridge on months end just to find out it is definitely past its time. Not only should we spring clean the condiments out of our fridge but our cupboards too.

If you constantly scout the flyers or your flyer apps for good deals on your favorite staples then I’m sure your cupboards are full of condiments too. It is a great way to stock up on ketchup, or salad dressing and saves money but what about when that bottle gets pushed to the back of the cupboard and is then forgotten about. When you choose to tackle your big cleaning job make sure to check all the expiration dates on your condiments if it’s passed toss it. If the date is approaching but you know you aren’t going to use it consider donating it to your local food bank so it doesn’t go to waste.

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2. Canned Food

First, you shouldn’t be storing any cans in the fridge. If you don’t know by now, storing opened canned food in the fridge can lead to negative effects on your health. More specifically in foods that are acidic like fruit juices, tomatoes, and tomato sauces, these types of canned foods if stored in the fridge in an open metal can have leached iron and tin from the can wall giving the food a metallic taste. High concentrations of tin could cause vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal bloating, fever, and headache. Make sure to follow the same rules if you feed your animals canned food.

Further, when you choose to clean your kitchen make sure to thoroughly check all the cans in your cupboards. You’ll want to look for expiration dates. If the dates are in line and you can continue storing them then next you’ll want to examine the can. If there are signs of rust, bulges or dents it might be best to toss them, these things can lead to botulism (food poisoning caused by bacteria growth on improperly sterilized canned foods) because bacteria can leach into the can. If air can enter canned food even from the tiniest wholes it can jeopardize the integrity of the food inside.

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