20 Foods That Can Help Aid Your Digestion

Consuming Meals is how we fuel our bodies with enough energy to get through our everyday tasks. After consuming our food our bodies then have to digest it. Your body breaks down food into nutrients from the process called digestion. Our human bodies then use the nutrients from these foods to help fuel and grow us and to help cellular repair. However, when our digestive system doesn’t work how its supposed to, that’s when the negative side effects set in, like weight gain and even constipation. Below are 20 Foods That Can Help Aid Your Digestion..

1. Broccoli

There is a reason why growing up everyone is always told to eat their broccoli. When I was a child broccoli was one of those vegetables I could not get to go down my throat unless it was slobbered in gooey cheese sauce. Now, as an adult, I love this crunchy vegetable, as it compliments so many great dishes.

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Not only does broccoli work well in a variety of food dishes but it holds a lot of health benefits too. Broccoli, considered a powerhouse when it comes to the food category has an amazing reputation of benefiting the cardiovascular system, the immune system to even having anti-inflammatory and cancer-preventing properties but most of all it helps digestion. Broccoli holds amazing nutrient values such as vitamin C, potassium, B6, Vitamin A and most important for digestion an excellent source of fiber. As an added bonus broccoli contains only 31 calories per serving and is a fat-free, low sodium vegetable. You’ll definitely want to reconsider this vegetable when making your dinner plans.

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