20 Worst Drinks For Kids – Please Read

It is easy to get caught up making sure your child is eating the right foods, and having a well-balanced diet, and forget to consider what sorts of drinks they’re consuming alongside their food.  Childhood obesity ( weight problems)  rates and cases of type 2 diabetes have been on the rise, with the primary contributor often being empty carbs in the form of added sugar in the sweetened beverages they are consuming.  These extra calories are showing negative impacts on children’s waistline and their overall health.  However, added sugars are not the only thing to be mindful of! After reading this you may be asking yourself, besides water, what is left for my child to drink?  Really, it is all about moderation and making the best choices of what is out there.  It is unrealistic to think we can’t eliminate sugars from our kid’s diets totally, but what we can do is try to limit the amounts of sugar-filled products they consume, by offering the healthiest options we can alongside their balanced nutrition filled foods!

Below are 20 Worst Drinks For Kids :

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1. Energy Drinks

Of the many energy drink options out there currently in circulation, you would be hard-pressed to find one that has any sort of nutritional value.  In addition to the large amounts of caffeine in these drinks, they are loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners.  Some varieties may even contain herbs that are not safe for children and could pose serious health risks.

Because of their smaller bodies, kids generally do not have the tolerance for caffeine that many adults have.  This makes them more susceptible to the potentially dangerous side effects of consuming these beverages such as racing heart and heart rhythm disturbances, that are serious enough to send your child to the hospital.  Some other side effect could include diarrhea, vomiting, impulsive behavior, anxiety, and sleep interference.  Energy drinks may claim to improve concentration and boost alertness, but with all the sweeteners added, the good-taste may lead to over-consumption and potential caffeine overdose. Best to keep these out of reach of your children.

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